#2,704 Breakfast with the Barhams + PS.

Our friend BJ is the singer in a band called American Aquarium and anytime his tours bring him to Mississippi, we try to get together. For the second time in a year, it meant breakfast at our house the morning after his show in Oxford. This time, he brought his darling wife Rachael and we lingered over biscuits and sausage and NASCAR talk. I never imagined these two would have that to talk about someday.

And tonight as I was getting sleepy, Ben flipped through the channels and came up on P.S. I Love You with 15 minutes left. Of course we had to watch it.

Confession: Big Fish is publicly my all time favorite movie. But my guilty pleasure all time favorite movie is P.S. I Love You. I don’t know what it is about it that latched onto me so permanently, but it breaks my heart and makes me happy no matter how many times I see it and I can recite the entire movie for you on command. We watched it for the first time the night we came home from our NYC honeymoon to our old loft in 2008. It became an important part of our early years of marriage. Watching it, I couldn’t imagine ever losing Ben. Still can’t.