#2,709 Farewell, Season One.

Tonight we sent off season one with a celebration all over downtown Laurel and a watch party at Laurel Little Theatre, right where we began with the pilot watch party in January 2016. To be surrounded by our family and friends and this sweet community is such a gift to us. This is their show just as much as it’s ours.

At the end, Amber and I sang her song, My Hometown, together again just like we did at the end of the finale episode. It felt good to perform on a stage again. It’s been so long!

And afterward, because Jim and Mallorie haven’t had a bite to eat and our beloved director of photography for the show, Tim, was in town— we headed to Waffle House. I mean, it’s the only thing open. And wouldn’t you know it…

The whole Laurel Mercantile team was there. I love these amazing people!

And now, we’ll take some time at home to breathe in and out and find our footing before the season 2 whirlwind begins in a couple months. I’m excited to get back into the filming groove, but mostly excited to take a breather and just be at home for a while.

Thank you all so so very much for coming along on this adventure with us, for sharing posts and telling your friends and staying up way past your bedtime to tweet and watch with us. We’re grateful for you and the whole experience. It’s like I told Lindsey earlier tonight—I can’t wrap my head around what has happened. It’s like looking directly into the sun, and we can’t do it. It’s not possible to digest. I’m just glad the sun is shining, making our flowers grow.