#2,719 New Woodshop.

I have to be real with y’all.

We have two enormous projects in the works that are completely absorbing my every waking thought and all my energy, but we have to keep them under our hats for such a long time coming. I wish so badly I could write about them here, but it’s got to “stay close in” as my mammaw says–and that’s making it hard to journal each night with the littles that aren’t much to talk about, but are good all the same. Bear with me in the coming months and know that for the rest of 2017 my posts may be a bit barebones. I’ve not taken a hiatus for a single day in all the 7 years I’ve been writing here, and I’m not stopping now, but I am giving myself grace to say less as the days are so full and I am happier than I’ve ever been with so much ahead of us and just around the bend. 

However, there’s one big thing I CAN talk about today. The Scotsman woodshop is moving to a space that’s 6 times bigger! For decades it was Wilson’s Feed Store, the place to buy your farm supplies in downtown Laurel:

Now, it’s a far cry from what it was…

But we’ve got all summer to fix that and make it the perfect woodshop with a few other surprises.


A quiet little thunderstorm blew in just as we finished cooking supper which made for the most lovely soundtrack: