#2,730 Fitness Friend.

This is my mama.

She is 62 years old and in MUCH better shape than I am. She plays competitive league tennis several times a week, and takes long (BRISK) walks on her off days. She’s been an exercise encourager to me my whole life without ever making me feel guilty, which is a very hard balance to strike between a mother and daughter. The emphasis was never on “don’t get fat” when I was an impressionable and sensitive teenager, it was always “moving your body is good for you!” And while I’ll be the first to tell you I’m the exercise black sheep of my family (my dad and brother are just as fit as mama), and I’m honestly not a huge fan of getting sweaty, it always makes me feel so much better and helps me sleep at night on the days I squeeze a 3 mile walk into the equation. Today I went to see her for lunch and we went for a quick walk around our old high school that’s near their house. I played soccer, mama was the lovesick cheerleader captain pining for my daddy, the football captain, on that field in the background, and I just bet you she could still run laps around the kids today. I’m thankful for it, mama. Thank you for always encouraging me to take care of myself, even when I would rather be lazy. I’ll sleep better for it!