#2,331 Visitors.

Today we had some really lovely visitors from NY and LA to do a rehearsal of sorts with us for live TV interviews. Eep! It’s so nerve wracking to know you can’t get a do-over when you get tongue tied! Next month we can finally tell you who sent us to California for those 2 weeks and what the heck we were up to and why the heck we had to practice for this today. It’s so weird having to keep things vague for now, but all will be revealed soon enough.


We sure would appreciate your prayers for our friends, the Axton family. Their husband and daddy, Mike, is a very dear friend to our family and is fighting to wake up from a coma after a freak incident with his heart last week. He’s so loved in Laurel and does so much for so many. I know his sweet family would appreciate a prayer.