#2,348 Finding Mimmo’s.

Several months ago, my friend Jana, who knows how much we love Italian food, texted us a picture of the most delicious looking meal from an authentic Italian restaurant in tee-tiny little downtown Quitman, Mississippi called Mimmo’s Ristorante. She raved about their garlic knots and tonight we decided to make the 1 hour trip for our usual Friday night dinner date with Jim and Mal.

Along the way in Pachuta, we stuck our heads inside the cool little grocery I went to often as a child on trips with my family to Lake Eddins.  

And then at Mimmo’s we found it bustling with people from all over the state, not just Quitman, to eat Mimmo’s delicious cooking. 

The garlic knots and fresh garlic dipping oil was to die for.  
Jim and I both went with eggplant parmigiana, Mal got the chicken picata, and Ben got the chef’s special: cannelloni with bolognese sauce that was so flavorful, I’ve never tasted anything like it. We were blown away. I’ve never had a more delicious eggplant parm.

Of course they have cappuccinos, which Ben couldn’t pass up for dessert.

I loved it as much as Tabella, though it’s very different in every way. 

When can we just go to Italy already?!