#2,750 Made In America.

Tonight was our first ever Made In America celebration at the Mercantile, and while it was a super casual thing, we spent the whole day setting up and getting things ready and I think it couldn’t have gone any better for our very first time and with so many other fireworks watch parties all over the city. Laurel always goes big on July 3, and tonight was no different:

There is a simple pleasure about living in a small southern town like ours. Every gathering feels like family reunion, even with perfect strangers.


The new issue of Okra Magazine is on stands today and we are so grateful for the incredible feature on our store and our sweet town… But also, this picture makes me want to kiss Ben Napier square on the lips and squeal. Thank you for a beautiful editorial, Okra and Growl Brothers! Pick up your copy at Laurel Mercantile if you’re around town, or at your local bookstore!