#2,391 Glasses + Rainy Saturday.

How glorious is a rainy Saturday? Ours didn’t get rainy until late this afternoon but man it was wonderful when it finally came. Before that, this morning I opened the mailbox and found my new cheap glasses from Eye Buy Direct and they’re awesome because 1) I typed the prescription in right and I can SEE and 2) they make me feel very 1993. 

Then we did a little dabbling and early inventory organizing in our storage space for the Mercantile since we won’t be moving in until our building is purchased and closed on and renovated. But here’s a tiny sneak peek of what’s to come:

Then the rain came. And we took a ride out to my parents to leave the old Pontiac and grill steaks.

And now I’m snuggled between cold, clean just-washed linens beside the Bank of America guacamole guy who is snoring quietly and sounds sorta like a cat purring. The thing about these commercials just popping up in my Twitter and Instagram feeds all the time is this: because he’s in it, it makes it seem like something small and normal. Like a home video. Surely other people don’t see these commercials right? Because the guy I see with bed head eating shredded wheat every morning who leaves his size 14 boots laying all over the house is in it.

But man, he’s cute.