#2,398 American Made.

We got 4 hours of sleep and had a day full of preparing our materials and then meeting with Blue Delta Jeans and Stately Cotton to talk about product development for the Laurel Mercantile Co.

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Ben said it best tonight on his instagram:

We’ve been busy developing only the best Mississippi and American-made Scotsman Co. things for nostalgic folks like us who believe in using tools and objects that can hold up through the years and be passed down someday. Today’s product development meeting with Blue Delta Jeans and Stately Cotton was the beginning of our new waxed cotton cross back work aprons 100% grown and sewn in Mississippi. #LeaveYourMark

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And now I’m going to finally get some rest before more meetings tomorrow. We’re knocking out so much work this weekend and it feels so good to take care of it all.