#2,805 Grocery Surprise.

1. These are very hard to find around here so I was delighted to bring home a bag from the Laurel Kroger today:

2. I’m having sciatic nerve pain this weekend that’s got me down and Big has been taking such gentle care of me. He helps me up and down, and all around when he’s not in the woodshop making some surprise for my birthday that’s coming up Wednesday.

3. I’m thinking of our friends in Texas who are facing so much after the hurricane. I remember coming home to Laurel from Ole Miss 2 weeks after Katrina and I didn’t recognize home anymore. We lost 50% of the trees in Laurel, and it’s never been the same, but there’s comfort in the way community fills the voids and bring the casseroles and tarps that help you keep breathing in and out, trudging forward to the next steps. Y’all help me pray for them tonight?

4. I did a watercolor of the drive at William Faulkner’s home, Rowan Oak, my year of college in Oxford. We’ve made it into a large scale print and it’s finally available online right here.