#2,809 My Old Desk.

My desk at my studio is all that’s left of my great great grandparents’ old Victorian. Today I spent the evening there working on a painting for a client.

The light green pieces of the desk were the kitchen walls, the grey was the porch floor, the white was the exterior. When I was young and would visit my aunt Mae who lived there last, we would eat vanilla ice cream with strawberry jam in the bottom of the waffle cone and draw the presidents and Disney characters together. We always watched True Grit. I would cry when Mattie fell into the snake pit, but I always loved when Rooster saved her.


Ben’s utility trailer was stolen today, but the LPD came to our house and made us feel like they have some ideas about how to find it. It’s a comforting feeling to have public servants that care enough to come to your house and spend time talking about a trailer for an hour with you.