#2,430 Jim.

This is Jim.

Jim is the director of our show. He has a million pairs of cheap, crazy, colorful sunglasses that he breaks daily. He is silly and adventurous and the biggest dog lover on earth, more specifically, his two pugs. He is talented and thoughtful and even as a Canadian by way of Los Angeles, he loves my oft-kicked around little Mississippi and sees the beauty in its quirks. He’s made the daily grind of early rising and filming 12 hour days feel like fun from beginning to end with our secret high five leg kick combo, makes Ben and I feel like it’s cool to be our 100% genuine selves in front of the camera and he keeps the morale high for everyone on set no matter how hot it gets in the late afternoon when we all start feeling the long hours. Today we traveled for a scene and we rode and talked the whole way home. He was a confidante for me when I told him the things that swim around in my worried mind sometimes… And made me realize there’s nothing to worry about. That’s a gift he has, and I’m thankful to be part of the same team.

I’m also thankful he shares my love for that super weird and wonderful beauty pageant movie, Drop Dead Gorgeous, and the belief that sour cream should be more available as a general condiment like, say, ketchup. I mean think about it. At least in Mexican restaurants, right?

It’s gonna be hard to say goodbye to this yahoo when the show wraps in November.