#2,434 Lucy’s Party.

Today, Lucy girl had a party at the bakery for her 3rd birthday that’s coming up soon. I can’t believe how mature she is already, forming long sentences and being such a very good girl all the time. 

My handsome John Walker ate more sugar than he’s ever had in his entire life. 

And… Yesterday we got my Wagoneer out of the shop where she got all new leather and plaid flannel upholstery, new carpet, new headliner and the sunroof is working!

Next up… All new paint and wood grain for the exterior! We’re making a short little movie about the whole restoration process we’ll be sharing on the Home Town Facebook page in a couple months since we can’t show you the houses we’ve been working so hard on until season 1 starts airing in January. I’m so in love with the plaid!