#2,437 Reveal Mae + Sick Soup.

What a day! We brought a couple (who happen to be an old friend and his brand new fiancée) to their newly finished (very old) home for the first time today and there were SIX instances of happy tears cried by the homeowners. This made my heart endlessly happy. I love especially that my aunts Mae Mae and Phyllis came on set with mama to watch the reveal being filmed so we could celebrate Mae’s 70th birthday with a lunch afterward at our house, which aunt Linda came to. After last week with such overwhelming sadness, a fun and silly day with these women I love so dearly was just the ticket.

Now I’m finally home and out of my high heels after the biggest reveal yet of season 1 and Big made me dinner.

I’ve caught a rotten head cold with 3 more reveals to go over the next 10 days, but my heart feels so full it could bust. After filming wrapped, we made our rounds checking on the other 3 houses coming up and I wanted to hug the necks of every single one of our amazing craftsmen and builders who are working all day and night to do it right and finish in time, who treat me like a kid sister and never complain about my crazy requests, and the film crew who have labored over capturing every last lovely detail of the houses and our story, and of our amazing design team who help make my vision a reality. I’ve never felt so in love with my job. There will be many prayers of thanks tonight for the hardworking hearts and hands who are making this show alongside us.