#2,445 Treat Yo Self.

Man, oh man, y’all. Today we wrapped up block 2. We now have 7 renovations, 7 episodes of our very first television series, under our belts. It doesn’t seem real or possible, but alas… Here we are. And I celebrated this by going to Bath and Body Works and buying pumpkin flavored everything. It made me feel very very very very very happy.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 11.40.17 PM

Afterward we went home and took showers and got in our stretchy pants for a night on the couch with a movie. We were idly scrolling through the list and landed on I Am Chris Farley, which we wanted to watch last year but somehow never did, and couldn’t click ‘RENT’ fast enough. We grew up watching him on SNL and Tommy Boy and loved him equally. This documentary about his life is so tender and heartbreaking, and made me feel like we really got to know him through the eyes of his 3 brothers (which Ben obviously relates to) and SNL cast mates. It was so good.