#2,869 When.

We’ve been getting so much attention surrounding the baby and it feels like the best time to offer a suggestion, coming from a place that hurt for a very long time and inspired by a post I read today by a woman named Adele: please, please, please. Stop asking couples when they are going to have a baby. It’s always asked with the best intentions, but the raw, awful feeling of explaining never got easier. For me, pregnancy was my biggest fear and it felt insurmountable. It felt impossible. I would turn out the light at the end of every single day and the weight of hopelessness made me feel pathetic: “Another day has passed and I’m still not brave enough.” I’m one of the luckiest ones. For so many couples I’ve known, there have been years of trying for a baby that never comes. It’s heartbreaking for those couples and the question forces lies much of the time: “One day we’ll get around to it!” or “We’re just enjoying being the two of us!” Let’s help by not asking that one question. It will make someone’s day that much easier.