#2,875 Open House.

Every year, the first Sunday in November, downtown Laurel shops open their doors and Christmas music starts playing and finger foods abound. This is the first year the Mercantile got to be a part of it since we opened up shop 11 months ago, and it felt like magic–the way this tradition has since I was a little girl.

People flooded inside when we opened the doors and I even saw Angie and Patrick, my TV bosses, buying Christmas gifts:

And Big played a rubber snake trick on Jim, par for the course:

Aunt Mae Mae is our newest sales girl with decades of experience in department store men’s clothing back before she retired and she was helping everyone who walked through that door try on the perfect flannel and get 10% off. 

It was one in a handful of magical days on the Laurel calendar and I’m so thankful we get to be a part of it.

Also thankful that we did our Christmas shopping before we opened the doors this morning. #TCB⚡

Ben’s truck and our Lindsey wagon Christmas ornaments are now available online here!