#2,877 Me and Baker.

After filming wrapped, Ben went to the gym to lift weights but all I wanted to do was take a long walk to make my heart beat fast. He worries about me and Helen going alone anywhere these days. Then we remembered he’s not the only protective man in my life, and my 150 lb. pup escorted me on an adventure while Chevy stuck around the house–not much on walking for long like his brother.

I talked to him in hushed tones about everything that’s opened recently. I swear he listened to every word intently, being careful not to pull me, staying just a step ahead, waiting for the green lights at the crosswalks.

We stopped by my studio and he was on watch:

We found Lucy having dessert at Shug’s:

Tomorrow a cold front is coming…

But tonight it was a balmy 80°. Just right for one last swim of the season.