#2,881 Birthday Day + Mimmo’s.

Today was magical, beginning to end. 

I’m so tired from having fun from sun up to sun down whilst growing a baby girl, so I will let the pictures tell you the story of the day we went to Sam’s 3rd birthday party at Josh and Em’s when it was brisk and smelled like logs on the fire :

Then Walker’s Star Wars 4th birthday party at my brother’s house where mama and I happened to be accidental twins (and I will NOT stop wearing this perfect comfy sweater, like, every day):

Then we dropped by the store and it felt just like the holiday season should feel:

 Then we all headed to the brand spanking new Mimmo’s Italian restaurant in DOWNTOWN LAUREL! How is this our little town that was so sad and dead 10 years ago??!

Our favorite from Quitman is finally here, walking distance from our house! Everyone in the kitchen was speaking Italian, and it makes everything taste 10x better, I swear.

The garlic rolls. Available whenever I want them. I’m in heaven.