#2,896 Our Last Solo Decorating.

It’s a rule: if we want something to get done it has to be on our calendar. Christmas decorating was no exception and somehow, with everything we’ve got going on, our house is already clean and decorated for Christmas before December even arrives. I think two years ago we barely got a tree up before December 24. 

But this morning, we did a little before church:

And got some garland at the store after church:

And by supper, it was all finished.

A couple years ago we found a little cardboard house ornament like mama’s!

I spent the day feeling so aware of the fact that this may be the last time for the rest of our lives we will decorate alone. Next year, a toddler will be the reason the ornaments start halfway up, and in 18 years Helen will be home for Thanksgiving break, making sure she gets to hang her favorites first.

This will be her home home. And I feel a shiver at this thought, how life works in cycles.