#2,896 Same Team.

Tonight we felt like we were hitting our limit on what we can manage all at once, like we were juggling and realizing we have to drop something to keep doing what we do well. But as most things are, I was cured by crying about it and Ben was cured by talking about it, and when he headed to the woodshop to spend tonight there doing whatever it takes to get the last and most important build of season 2 across the finish line without a bite to eat, I did the only thing I could to help him:

Show up with a PDI #3 and some tots we could share. If I can’t help him build it, I can at least be his support team even when he insists he’s not hungry. I can kiss his freezing cold cheeks and nose and squeeze  his calloused hands and let him know that no matter what, he’s not alone. We’re in it together, no matter what it is. Same team. Forever.