#2,902 The End of Season 2.

The last day. After 4.5 months of 12 hour days, we’ve finished 10 houses with most of our sanity intact.

It took every single person in this photo dedicating their life and talent and time away from their families to make season 2 possible and I could cry from thankfulness. I’ll miss these sweet people until everyone comes back to camp to do it all over again if we’re very lucky.

Just like the last day of the pilot and the last day of season 1, we had a huge lunch catered from Vic’s so the crew gets a good Laurel send off with good soul food.

Tim took this photo of us taking a photo of the last interview of the season.

And now we’ll prepare for the most important production of our lives. Our girl.

The holiday special is January 1 and season 2 premieres January 8. We’re moving to Monday nights, so we’ll see y’all on HGTV in 2018!