#2,911 Date Nights.

A few nights ago, I was so tired and worn down from the business of cleaning out every nook and cranny I can, when Ben came home and told me “Soon, it won’t be just the two of us anymore. I will have to share you, and I want us to focus on spending time together, doing what we can before we can’t,” it broke my heart because I agree, no matter how tired I am, we’re running out of time to be spontaneous. With the freezers stocked, we’ve resolved to use the time we have left to get all the quality time outside of our house that we can before Helen comes so for two nights in a row we’ve gone out for dinner and done something fun. Tonight, there was Tabella and a movie (and an ice cream sandwich).

And even though we know being housebound will be a short short season, it’s so fun to date Ben like we’re kids again.