#2,575 Fitness Fixed.

The thing I hate about a treadmill is staring at the wall in front of you agonizing over how much longer till you can get off of it. Anybody else? Anybody? And I’ve been giving it my best shot to exercise really hard 3 days a week, and while it was going okay… I could feel myself ready to quit, creeping just around the corner. Until my friend Lisa texted me this miracle:

And so today, I thought of a show Ben hasn’t been interested in watching with me that I could watch on my phone and tuned in to Parenthood on Netflix. And I knew I loved the Bravermans’ house, but MAN. I LOVE the Bravermans’ house.

Also, I nearly cried on the treadmill watching the pilot, but also I burned 200 calories before I even realized I had been walking. It was a revelation.

I also discovered this amazing website that let me enter in the ingredients of my recipe I made for supper (Tabella soup) and it told me the nutritional facts. I was pleased as punch to learn it’s super low calorie for a really big bowl.

I now feel like it’s gonna be possible to stick with this. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…