#2,634 A Note + Food Truck.

Yesterday Ben shared a note with me that came in the mail from our friend, Micah. It made me feel like we were closer than the thousands of miles between here and Boston, that the world was made small by handwriting on a piece of paper that was a great encouragement to me right when I needed it. God sends his love in a lot of ways, not the least of which–in letters from dear old friends. I saw it again on my desk this morning and said a prayer of thanks.

Last night we had the best dinner from the Backroads Bistro food truck and for lunch today we went back for round two since it was parked right out on Front Street near the Mercantile. Rob and Laura Ann came along and we took it back to the shop for lunch with my mom, Mary Hannah and Aly.

We aren’t supposed to eat downstairs at the checkout but it was fun and it was a slow day, so there. The convenience and deliciousness of this cannot be overstated.


I got over my cheapskate nature and got the base model Roomba (whom we will call Rudy). This is what the floors of a house that is cleaned every Saturday looks like after a 1 hour session with Rudy. It is troubling.