#2 The Party

Tonight Ben and I hosted a belated Christmas/New Year’s party at our loft and had many surprising guests. A friend I’ve not seen in several years made an appearance, my oldest friend and his precious fiancee, our neighbors and their charming girls, some good old boys from high school, and a few friends from college all had sausage and chocolate covered pretzels with us tonight. My new old (we were friends as children, now she’s dating my neighbor, a friend from high school!) friend SC and I talked candles, Emily and I talked save-the-dates, Kristi and I talked gossip, the men talked football and weddings (???), I even got crazy and had a (real) Coke just 2 hours before my usual bedtime. Living on the edge.

Ben, telling an elaborate story about something that’s not very elaborate in actuality.

a pic from Ben’s birthday in September with a similar guest list