#242 Birthday girl.

Finally, after a week of pre-celebration — it’s my birthday. This week, he threw me a surprise party and all of our friends were here, then we took a trip to New Orleans, had a cookout with my family, a breakfast party for just the 2 of us this morning, and then lunch with friends and mama this afternoon. Every year Ben does everything in his power to make me feel special for my birthday and that usually means celebrating for an entire week, which is something I was not used to before meeting him. In my family, birthdays mean a big family dinner. To Ben, it means letting me know every single day for a whole week how glad he is that I was born. To be loved this way is overwhelming and I hope that every person who reads these words has someone in their life that makes them feel it too.

Sausage bisuits from Hardees and homemade quince jelly. Mmmmm…

Every year he makes a homemade birthday card.

A sweet blouse from Anthropologie.

Some of the presents that were waiting in my studio when I woke up.
An easy peasy apple peeler/corer. I have ALWAYS wanted one! Seriously. Now it’ll be apple pie 24/7.

He made tags and numbered each gift so I would open them in the right order.
My reaction.
This is how you feel God’s love — through the people he puts in your life.