#289 Fall retreat.

Forgive me for not posting Saturday night—we were in the wilderness at Roosevelt State Park on the 2010 fall youth retreat. So. Much. FUN! We just got home, and I’m sore all over from flag football (I scored 2 touchdowns!) and hiking the trails with Hope. If you never get the chance to go to a good state park, then I feel sad for you. It’s a true vacation from your normal life in a beautiful, clean, safe place where families ride bicycles and cook out on fire pits under the trees and the stars. Best of all we had several guys who are new to the church who got to go on the trip and we got to know them a little better. Such good folks. Here’s how the weekend went:

Mine and Devin’s small group named themselves Jesus Swagg. Too bad no one could spell swag.

Our motel on the lake.

After ultimate frisbee. Michael was clearly ready for this photo.

The view from the balcony of our motel.

The shaving cream war. This is how it began.
Racing for the cans in the middle.

Darby is one tough gal.

Satch looks something like a Scottish terrier mixed with the creature from the black lagoon.


Trim and his mohawk.

Closing Bible study this morning.