#309 Mistletoe Marketplace.

Heard about it for years and years, but we’ve never been until this one. Since Jesse had a basketball tournament today, Ben went south for some brother time and mama and I went north for some girl time. I expected to see literally every single person from Laurel there, but I only ran into a couple of familiar faces (Mal Gal, for one). It’s a huge event—as in cars parked as far as the eye can see with eager ladies waiting in line to buy tickets at 8 am. About 200 shops and boutiques from around the country are selected to participate, and they are all packed into the Jackson convention center for 3 days of out of control shopping in the name of Christmas cheer. We had fun for the first 45 minutes, then I got a little scared of suffocating in the humanity. It was wonderful to have cold weather and Christmas music playing throughout, and I’m seriously impressed by the level of organization the Jackson Junior League has going on.

The best thing about all this is the most delicious caramel apple in the universe was mine, if only for the afternoon. Now it’s only a memory. Mmmmm….