#316 Stop Hunger Now.

I have so many friends who’ve been involved in foreign missions at some point in their lives, but I’ve personally never had any real experience with it (aside from missing my friend terribly while she did mission work in the Philippines). Today, we had the opportunity to work in foreign missions right here in Laurel. 70 people from our church came together this morning to bag 10,000 meals of soy, rice, vegetables and vitamins for hungry kids in places like Haiti and Africa. I didn’t realize how organized it would be and that the MS representative would be here showing us how it works, and it was an incredibly fun way to spend our morning. I’m especially proud of the handful of youth that showed up to work—they were awesome and super fast at bagging up the meals. The few junior high kids were great leaders, and the little ones were paying attention to them. Love those kids! Here’s what you missed: