#326 The Tree.

Maybe we’re premature, but I think when it’s turkey week you can put the tree up. There’s nothing cozier than a living room at Christmastime, so tonight we decorated one of the trees we put up last night (even though it’s a foggy, wet 75 degrees outside right now. ugh).

Getting the ribbons spaced evenly is NEVER as easy as you imagine it will be.

My favorite ornaments that we own are the 2 we bought on our honeymoon in New York—an Irish Santa Claus and an old world style New York City scene. After checking every store and every kiosk we passed, we finally chose these 2 and bought them in Bryant Park on Thanksgiving Day:

Ben’s favorite is one he’s been hanging onto since 9th grade (still not broken! amazing!), a blue glass Duke ornament:

Funny that I’m wearing a Duke shirt tonight… We seem sort of fanatical, huh?
When you live in the city with no fireplace, you have to make do with your ginormous out of control stockings.
Tomorrow night I’ll be helping mama decorate her tree and I’ll show you my absolute favorite ornaments since childhood.