#377 Cereal bowls.

If you eat enough cereal, there are great perks. Like, for instance, living to the age of 25. My mama swears that were it not for Raisin Bran, I would have died by age 4.
At Corner Market, if you buy 2 boxes of cereal you get one free bowl. A free bowl that could easily hold 3 servings of cold, sweet, delicious, crunchy, then soggy cereal. A free bowl with vintage Kellog’s advertisements on it.
I got my free bowl, but quite simply could not live without the other 3 colors. So I got them too.
I was so enthusiastic about the cute bowls, that the checkout girl absolutely would not let me pay for the other 3. Well, because there was no bar code or way to ring them up. They were un-buyable. So I left with a huge smile and a skip in my step.
Those are real sweet people at Corner Market. She deserves a raise.