#580 Letterpress class.

It’s a funny feeling when your former professors speak to you like an equal. It’s not even a funny feeling, it just makes no sense. I experienced this first-hand today when I was so warmly greeted by some of my favorite art department faculty this morning during my visit and it seriously made my year. I had the best time speaking to the small class who are taking a letterpress intersession course with Ginny, arguably the coolest professor EVER.

I got to tell them the story of how Lucky Luxe came to be (on accident), what I was doing when I was at their point in my life (praying I would someday be a magazine designer), and basically rambled on for 2 hours about how to be self-employed (make friends with accounting majors, hire people who are clever, outgoing and organized). I hope they might be able to take at least some small piece of inspiration from my own experience, because all of this was a total accident. I couldn’t stress that to them enough—I never meant to be a business owner doing wedding invitations, but now I know my life will never be the way it was because of it. It was my calling.

Hopey even ran into the sweetest girl, Lizzy, who was in the Philippines when she was. They knew each other and now she’s taking the letterpress class. Talk about a small world.
In general, these students totally made my day because I got to shake off my adult responsibilities for the day and be in their shoes for just a little while. I hope they can relish this precious time at Ole Miss, because they’ll never forget it when it’s behind them. Gosh, what an inspiring place to learn!