#590 Memphis to Laurel.

These were the great things about today:
1. A very crowded pancake breakfast at the Arcade Restaurant in downtown Memphis, our favorite spot when I lived there in 2006.
2. Jim surprising Mallorie with another night in Memphis for their anniversary at the swanky new Westin Hotel downtown.
3. The 5-hour drive home in Mallorie’s car with Mitter, talking about everything and nothing like we used to on our drives from Oxford to Booneville in college. This was his first time to drive since The Sprain (great success!).
4. Family cookout in the rain at mama’s with Clark and his in-laws. Burgers, homemade ice cream, pear cake, the Ole Miss band CD.
Now we’re finally home and turning in for bed. Ain’t life grand? Goodnight, sweet readers!