#63 The bookcase.

Well, I don’t know if I’d really call it a bookcase but that’s how Miskelly Furniture classified it (tax write-off! wahoo!)

(this is the photo of it sitting on the showroom floor.. More to come soon!)

We walked in the store yesterday and I made it 15 feet before I found the very thing I (and our hallway) could not live without. Today Ben and I drove back to Jackson to pick it up and bring it home.

The wood is dense and dark beneath the coats of paint. It smells like… Well I just can’t explain it. It smells fantastic, kind of like old books and furniture wax. It’s 7 feet long, resembles a church altar and is painted in bright colors that have been sanded and worn down to the wood. If this piece of furniture were a book, it would be Love in the Time of Cholera (my favorite of all time). As of tomorrow it will be a home for invitations from past clients’ weddings, CDs, books, and my collection of 1950s fashion magazines. I think it was worth every penny.