# 642 Martha Stewart Weddings.

The day is finally here—one of our most favorite weddings was featured in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine! It’s been nearly 2 years since I first received an inquiry from Anne Maristela, and today you can see our collaboration for her wedding right there in print.

While designing a Bespoke suite for Anne and Josh, we became fast friends and before long conversations turned from invitations to recipes and weekend plans. Last November, Ben and I got the chance to meet the Lustyans while we were in New York for our anniversary and it turns out they’re even sweeter people than we ever imagined.
This is hands-down one of our favorite weddings in the Lucky Luxe portfolio, and maybe it’s because we’ve seen with our own eyes how kind and loving Anne and Josh are. We’re so proud to be credited as their stationer in the article about their wedding that hit newsstands today! Here’s are some images of the article on their Turks & Caicos wedding and message in a bottle themed suite:
Cover credit: Photograph by Rodney Smith/Martha Stewart Weddings, 2011. Copyright © 2011.

Story credit: Photographs by Anna Wolf/Martha Stewart Weddings, 2011. Copyright © 2011.
Pick up a copy of it! You can also read all about the wedding on the Martha Stewart Weddings website.