#645 Cruisin’ the Coast.

I have now cruised the coast. All day long. All over that thang. In fabulous breezy weather. And my left leg is stronger for it after all the clutching that was going on in the traffic. I could’ve let Ben drive, but I had to prove to him that I was tough enough to do it, that girls can cruise just as good as the boys, even when driving a stickshift. Here are a few highlights from the day:

Our view:

Ocean Springs was the cruise-in spot of the day, so we got up early and headed straight for the famed TatoNut Shop for donuts and coffee.

Arguably the best thing about the coast is Ocean Springs. I love their downtown, particularly when classic cars are lining every single street.

I couldn’t believe it, but we saw 2 Catalinas, the same year model as ours, but both 2-door. They’re pretty rare and I had never seen another one before. Aren’t they beautiful? If daddy sees this, he’ll make us get that paint job we’ve been talking about.

Then we headed down highway 90 to see the other cars along the highway and all the shows in parking lots.

 Me and Mal Gal, on our own following Ben and Jim 

Pretty, but it’s no Lucky Bug. The interior was pretty sketchy.

Ben and me:

Now if we could just find Jim that 1962 Cadillac convertible he’s been wanting…