#676 Flying home.

We flew home from Boston today and made it home to Magnolia Street safe and sound.

On our connection from Atlanta to Gulfport I became really anxious about takeoff in the cramped, tiny jet. We were next in line on the tarmac and I was wringing my hands. Ben didn’t say a word, and he knew exactly what I was thinking. He wrapped his right arm around me, took my hand in his left, tucked my head under his chin and held me tight while we made our ascent. The turbulence was rough for a while and he talked quietly to me to keep my mind off of it. We prayed without talking and before long I wasn’t worried anymore.

Ben’s love is so tangible, constant and comforting, that I am absolutely certain it’s a gift straight from God. No matter what I do, he still loves me and I know that’s not a quality of this world, but of grace from above.