#682 Progress.

We made so much progress on the house today! We now have 3 rooms completely finished with paint, and we moved in what little furniture we have for the dining room. It’s looking barren right now without any art  on the walls or “stuff” on the buffet, but that just takes time and we’re in no rush. Here’s a peek at some before and after!



 I’m planning to paint the chairs all dark brown/black. 

The walls are Sherwin Williams Dover White.
The hallway before:
 And after:
The color is Nantucket gray by Benjamin Moore.
Take into account that it’s nighttime in these photos and that the daylight will make everything much sunshinier, but I’m loving the colors.
Also, Chevy’s coming along too! Tonight we got him to run around in the yard with us. He loves to chase, he loves to eat, and he’s starting to lick our faces. He follows right on my heels anytime I walk into a dark part of the yard at night—which made me feel surprisingly safe. He’s gonna be the best dog ever!