#686 Fall dog.

Last thing I’m gonna write about Chevy for a while as I know y’all are growing tired of him hogging the spotlight of my life.

Well, if anyone is reading this besides mama and Ben.

But today was the best day we’ve had with Chevy so far. He’s been energetic all day, took 3 walks on the leash and was perfectly obedient every time. We even walked to the day school and let the little children love all over him. He’s now answering when called most of the time (which is pretty good for a pyrenees, they tell me).

So we had a little photoshoot in the front yard since the fall leaves might not be this beautiful again for quite a while. This pup’s really taken me outside of my normal routine. I was rolling in grass to take his photo—itchy with ants and all.

But he’s a really handsome dude. I had to.