#697 Christmastime is Here Again.

So we started putting up some decorations in the loft for our last Christmas living here. I could cry about it, but now is not the time.


Here’s what we accomplished tonight:

Hot drank!

Hooking up the lights

Fluffing the limbs

Sweet “ornament” from Anne and Josh last year


The newest ornament in our collection




Father Jeff, if you happen to be reading this, we’re doing the real tree at the house next year. Swear!

Next up, hanging the wreaths on all the windows of the building and fixing the busted bulbs on the rooftop from last year. They’re almost all still working. Can you believe that?

We’ve started at the house, but I’m going to wait until it’s just right before I post photos.

For now, it’s bedtime and snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. Not the kind that’ll stick, but who cares?!