#715 Mama’s haircut.

Today mama woke up and decided it was time to make a big change at her 6-week hair appointment. She emailed me inspirations like this one of Sharon Stone:

I spent the morning in the beauty shop to make sure she didn’t lose her nerve. She’s had a chin length blonde bob forEVER and I knew this would be a great cut for her.

So she got a darker blonde color and cut it all off and it looks amazing… But I forgot to bring my camera. Of course. If you see little mama—tell her how pretty she looks!

Also, we called Chevy’s breeder today to ask some details about his parents, trying to figure out just how big he’s going to grow (approx. 110 lbs., 32 inches tall) and we found out that he was born on June 22. So he’s younger than we thought. This is useless information, I know—I’m just writing it here so we’ll have a record of it. I can’t think of a good place to write it down, you know?