#799 When it Rains, it Pours.

It’s such a bummer that it flooded on Melissa and Carson’s wedding day, but we did everything we could to make the most of our rainy tourist time.

Good morning, Natchez!

After breakfast at the Natchez Coffee Company, we went antiquing and explored the old city cemetery in the Tahoe.

We saw the turning angel made famous by the Greg Iles novel and drove around the residential areas looking at the gorgeous antebellum homes with their river views and sleeping porches.

Natchez is such a swell little town. I especially loved the color of this cottage—it’s the color I would love to paint our house in a few years when it’s time for a new paint job.

After a late lunch at Biscuits and Blues, we went to get dressed and ready for the wedding which was sadly relocated to a hotel ballroom.

But the reception was still on the grounds of Rosalie thanks to a huge heated tent.

Mal and I were so in love with the wheat bundle centerpieces that Melissa made herself!

The food was divine and cooked by Melissa, Jennifer and their mom. So so good.

Shorty, I’m sorry I didn’t get a single picture of your dress without my coat. It turned off cold after the storm and I was freeeezing!

How awesome are Mal’s dress and headpiece?!

Ben met his skinny twin. Great minds think alike!

Then we headed back to our hotel as the rain set in again. We crossed over the river to Louisiana to see the gorgeous bridge up close and personal, then came back across with full bellies and sleepy heads.
It’s a perfect night to turn in early and sleep in late, isn’t it?
I debated whether I should show you this or not, but look at this freaky photo my camera took tonight. We were waiting on Carson and Melissa to make their exit run to the limo outside of Rosalie. That’s Jim, but it looks like he’s a creepy clown with seriously demonic eyes. What if it was a ghost slipping between us? Spooky!