#808 The Hospital Again & Fruit Cups.

Well I had another really intense stomach spell that started today at 11 am and lasted for 11 hours. It was the toughest thing I’ve ever handled before, and around 5:45 we went back to the emergency room so they could do another test while the attack was happening. After an excruciating 4 hour wait, I finally got to see the kindest doctor I’ve ever met named Dr. Dunbar. He gave me a GI cocktail that numbed everything inside, then tested my gallbladder and they ruled it out as a possibility. No gallstones, as much as I was hoping there would be so we could just cut the dang thing out and I wouldn’t ever have to do this again. Next time, they’ll test me for a stomach ulcer and we’ll keep going down the list ruling out possibilities. I’m just so very thankful for doctors and nurses who care about what they do. I got the feeling that he and my nurse were happy to help me however they could. I felt safe there in that hospital bed, and I was finally able to relax with Ben holding my hand.

When we got home, I could only handle eating some of my favorite crackers and these tropical fruit cups we discovered a few weeks ago.

They’re so so good and low calorie because there’s no syrup, just juice. You should try it.

Weak blog today, I know. It was a rough day, but I know there’s always something to be thankful for.