#813 Chili Cookoff.

I went to my very first chili cookoff ever today. And had a ball.

At 10 am, 2 hours before opening up the ticket booth the sun came out for just a minute. The Community Bank team in the next tent were playing old Blind Melon, and I took a photo as if you could hear it.

Laurel Main Street hosted our inaugural chili cookoff and even in the wretched weather, it was booming at lunchtime. People were coming out of the woodwork to buy the endless bowls of chili in the handmade pottery, but those sold out before we even opened for business. Isn’t that amazing? I’m proud of Ben for pre-registering so we got our hands on one bowl.

It was an all-around Mayberry sort of day. Even in the rain, it seemed like I saw everyone I’ve ever known there on Central Avenue. Our (beautiful) mailgirl, Misty, stopped by in her uniform and gave me a hug. She wanted to let me know she had 4 packages for me that she’d just bring back by on Monday. She was sorry the rainy weather had set in on our festival, and I was just sorry she had to walk door to door working in it. Our neighbors were all around, cooking and eating, dancing to very good music playing on iPod docks. No one was letting the cold, dreary day ruin it.

If you’re interested in making a difference in our city, you should really consider working with Laurel Main Street. It’s one of the most fulfilling activities you can imagine.