#832 Backsplash.

Today the backsplash went up! It’ll be a few days before it’s ready for grout, but we crossed a lot of things off our 15 day countdown list. We plan to be in the house by Easter weekend so we can host our families for cookouts and Easter lunch, and we’re getting so close to the finish line now. Crossing things off this list is thrilling.

Ignore the clutter! Here’s the amazing fridge cabinet that Ben built and it fits our new fridge like a glove. I mean PERFECTLY. It’s amazing. Has open shelving on this side and a chalkboard for grocery lists and to-dos. I plan to learn to make jam and can vegetables to display here. My grandmother has a big wall of open shelves in her laundry room that’s full of canned jams, vegetables and ketchup and I’ve always been in love with it. I’m totally going to copycat on her. We’ve not yet installed the cabinet doors that are going over the fridge, but maybe tomorrow?

New mercury glass lights and the microwave are in place!

Once Ian is all finished tiling, we’ll be using charcoal/black grout to get an authentic subway tile look and give the all-white room some bones.

So today we:
finished hooking up the dishwasher
got the backsplash almost completely installed
cleaned all the fridge drawers and sanitized them
installed the microwave
installed new plug-in outlets throughout the kitchen
changed out the mercury glass lights

I can’t believe how close we are. 15 days!