#841 Salvaging Jackson.

We took a day trip to Jackson to stop by all of our favorite ritzy home interior boutiques.

Or salvage warehouses and flea markets. Whatever you want to call it.

We took a list and crossed many things off today. I’m just pure tickled about that.

The day started at the Flea Market and Salvage Market where we wandered its massive square footage. This is hands down my absolute favorite place to shop in Mississippi. I’ve found these amazing treasures on every trip, and it’s all dirt cheap. The Salvage Market is especially dear to me—the owner is always willing to haggle prices, and they’ve never turned down my rock bottom offers.

We came away with 10 fascinating vintage books (all cream-colored hardbacks), this sign from an old pub in Memphis that’s no longer there:
And an insanely big and heavy vintage chopping block that is now the end table in our living room:
No one sit a wine glass on that!
Then we hit the Old House Depot where we found a cool old pierced Vicksburg column that Ben is going to use to build a cool sofa table that will hopefully look something like a church altar rail. I’m TOO excited about this project!
And while we were in there, Jim and I spotted someone with our grandfather’s (misspelled) name on a list of customers who are having custom furniture built. Different James Rasberry, but so cool that there’s another one besides pappaw and Jim!
Then we were starved and headed to Brent’s Drugs in Fondren for lunch. This restaurant had a great little cameo in The Help, though it was portrayed as a functioning pharmacy in the movie. These days they just flip delicious burgers behind the counter. Those shakes were left on the table by the folks who ate before us, which inspired Jim to order a peanut butter shake after we ate. How cool are those mega straws?
After this, we ran by Anthropologie where I found the perfect (and inexpensive!) white bath rug I was hoping for, then on to The Outlet, Mallorie’s home furnishing store of choice. It’s another place that feels so out of place there in this sort of rural area of Jackson. They sell tons of reclaimed wood furniture and fascinating imported decor that I love. Mal found the dinner table of her dreams—8 feet long with heavy oak legs and a galvanized zinc top and drawers! She got the owner down $350 from her original price and the boys carried it out the door. That Mal. She’s quite the honey badger.

On the ride home you could feel the best spring feeling in the air. There was a cool nip mixed in with the bathtub-warm air that made us all roll our windows down. We listened to 1950s big band music and I swear I’ve never felt more in love with the South in the springtime.

Everyday, this sweet man is doing all he can to fill up the empty corners of our new home with things he’s making with his own hands, by spending an entire Saturday happily shopping with me without ever uttering a complaint. I could just cry out of thankfulness sometimes. 

We’re moving in on Tuesday!