#920 Porch Painting.

There are 3 tiers to the story of how the porch was painted.

Let’s begin at the beginning, with the scuffed and dirty paint that was once a pretty grey/blue on our front porch. We’ve been trying to give the exterior more of a true arts and crafts look, and that shade of blue wasn’t in the palette.

So after church on Sunday while Ben was working on his lesson for the night, I went to Sherwin Williams and picked out what I thought would be the perfect grey/green/brown for our front porch, a color called Curio Grey. It was similar to the color featured beside our yellow exterior in the craftsman colors booklet they had, but lighter. Which I thought would be nice during pollen season. But I was wrong.
I started painting, and knew I didn’t love it 30 minutes in. But I kept on and finished the gallon just to see. And it was just the most boring shade of tan you can imagine. I was disappointed and gloomy because I wanted to show off for Ben and paint the porch without any help. He said, “It’s okay buddy. I’ll fix it for you tomorrow. Pick a new color and I’ll take care of it.”
So this morning I went back to the store and picked THE color beside our yellow in the craftsman colors booklet, a color called Roycroft Brass. And it’s perfect. 

Even more perfect because Mit did it and I just moved the paint bucket around for him.

Quit being jealous that your husband doesn’t have a Texas souvenir t-shirt with the sleeves ripped out.