#932 American Pie & Churches.

We went to Ben’s parents’ new house in Newton today since Tom, Allison and Harper were coming down. I love to make pie, so in honor of the upcoming holiday I thought nothing’s more American than apple pie, right? And it’s my favorite recipe in the world, anyway. So when I woke up, I got to work:

The most patriotic cookie cutter I own is the crooked letter crooked letter.

Once we got to Newton and had lunch, Jookie took us way out into the country to show us her new charge (or church, for you laypersons out there). I swear I never saw anything as quaint as Lake United Methodist Church.

The sanctuary feels really peaceful and sacred, the way the sunlight filters through the amber, seaglass green and Tiffany blue windows. The wood floors are original and creaky poppy, the wooden theatre-style seats are a rich deep color. It smelled like furniture polish. So very beautiful.

I think they should stick around Newton for a while.