#967 Earth Chic + The Trests.

First things first, we went to Newton to visit Ben’s family while Sam and Lyn are in town, so Lyn and I made a run to Dirt Cheap (Earth Chic, as mama calls it) with very low expectations and found ourselves with a buggy load of Old Navy and Target dresses and tops for around $2 each. We each spent $35 and have new wardrobes. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

Then we rushed home and hopped in the shower to make it in time to Adam and Lily’s wedding! They completely transformed Pinehurst Park. It was so beautiful, and when Brooke and Brandon sang Beautiful Things, I could’ve cried.

Here comes the bride in her gorgeous gown:

The best flower girl ever, Miss Anne Trest:

The hoodlums in the background kept creepin on our professional photo:

My Mitter with the groom:

The absolute finest cake I’ve ever tastest in my life. And I don’t care for cake generally. This didn’t have icing, but cannoli custard inside and out with real fruit layers and vanilla cake. I could’ve died it was so delicious. Obviously, because it came from C’est La Vie:

She hit her model pose:

 Mr. and Mrs. Adam Trest:

My two favorite skinny people in the world:

Ain’t love grand?